Valve Launches Beta SteamVR – Support Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality will be one of the focuses in the gaming industry for the year 2014, at least that is what we predicted would happen. With a focus on technology development began to be explored by many manufacturers, and gained popularity, only a time before the technology has been the icon of gaming in science fiction films of this case. One of the foundation is the Oculus Rift, which consistently update their technology in order to appear as VR technology that can be relied upon. The hard work paid off. Support from the developers continue to flow, with dozens of competitors who are also struggling to get into the same market. One of them? roblox.

Valve seems increasingly serious about building the right ecosystem for its hardware products – Steam Machine. Not only inject SteamOS and Steam Controller, Valve is now also begin to look at virtual reality gaming as a potential market. Not just building a separate hardware, Valve also turns dreams are hung on the cutting edge of an increasingly popular – Oculus Rift. Valve officially introduced SteamVR Beta – a special SDK virtual reality that will be synchronized with the Oculus Rift. The sensation? As viewed Big Picture Mode in front of your eyes in a curved shape, is also supported by the head tracking and visit roblox hack website.

Valve itself rumored to be introducing their own VR technology at Steam Dev Days which will be held in the near future. Is this the future of gaming? How do you own?

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Nitrous: Next-Gen Engine New for Game Strategy

Complex, challenging, while offering a satisfaction that is not measurable, there are so many reasons to love the games that brought the genre of strategy. Freedom to organize units, resources, and strategies that carried gives you the sensation of complete control of the game, especially when dealing in a competitive mode. With so many units to be controlled, games with the GTA 5 genre is more synonymous with the PC as the main platform, mainly because of the convenience functions in the mechanical keyboard and mouse like this. PC also offers the ability to render units in the massive amount, tens to hundreds in a single screen. For business this one, the latest engine named Nitrous would take it to a higher level and visit our website.

To represent the new generation of gaming, an engine designed specifically for RTS genre named Nitrous introduced. So what makes the most of the engine’s developer Oxide Games look so special? When most RTS games offer battle hundreds of units in a single screen, Nitrous claim to be able to bring more than 10,000 units in rendering the same time, complete with physics and AI that their stretcher. They demoed it at CES 2014 through a simulation game called “Star Swarm”. Nitrous itself was developed using technology from AMD Mantle, to ensure communication CPU and GPU are much more dependable and get GTA 5 android here.

And Baker – big boss of Oxide Games is a former developer of Civilization V, stating that this engine will be able to produce war scenario 10 times more complex than the most complex scenes that you find in Starcraft II. There will be a three-game strategy that will use as the basis for the development of engine Nitrous – Star Control of Stardock, the latest strategy game from Mohawk Games, and the latest game from Oxide itself, which is still a secret. There is no information about the release date of each game.

10,000 units in a single screen, with the battle of 5000 units versus 5,000 units in scenario 1 vs 1? Holy hell .. Holy frakking hell ..

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Listen 14 Minute Gameplay Video Gallery Watch Dogs!

2013 has become a haven for a variety of open world game projects with high quality. Saints Row is just opening and GTA IV seems to be a monument to innovation ready to roll in a matter of days. But apart from those two names, there is one other open world games are increasingly showing his strength as a newcomer. Absolutely, we’re talking about an ambitious open world game from Ubisoft – Watch Dogs. A concept that makes technology and hacker as the main theme, make it relevant to the current reality is. Through a 14-minute gameplay video, Ubisoft reinforced the reasons not to underestimate Watch Dogs.

Having served with chunks of story and gameplay over the last few months, Ubisoft finally threw a 14-minute video that is sustainable. You can see how Aiden Pearce – the main character explores and “master” of Chicago with only a small device in the hand. Ubisoft shows the various side missions and random events that will occupy Pearce outside the main mission, the freedom to carry out his execution, as well as moral considerations are increasingly asserted Pearce position as an “anti-hero”. On the same occasion, he also demonstrated the concept of competitive multiplayer that is injected in Watch Dogs.

Watch Dogs itself will glide on 19 November 2013 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Series next-gene itself will be launched in accordance with the release date of the console respectively. The circumstances of your own? Is the 14-minute video is quite meet your expectations? Or actually looks disappointing? you can visit here

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Marvel Contest of Champions Review for Android

Marvel Contest of Champions (Shingeki No Kyojin) admittedly is one of the most popular anime today. Battle and complexity of themes against the giants proved successful enough to attract the attention of the audience of anime around the world, including Indonesia. As is customary shown in the entertainment industry, all products that reach the popularity of this kind would normally be adapted to other formats. Absolutely, Shingeki No Kyojin finally confirmed will be released as a video game for the Nintendo 3DS.

This confirmation was already surfaced a few weeks ago. The question is now, what kind of genre will be carried by Marvel Contest of Champions’s game? Having had a mystery, the certainty of finally comes. Games that will be developed by Spike Chunsoft – developer behind Virtue’s Last Reward and Way of the Samurai 4 will certainly be present as an action game. Detail gameplay itself is still not announced, but the screenshots are taken from the Japanese magazine – Kodansha’s Shonen Magazine Bessatsu give a little sneak peek of the quality of 3D visualization that will be carried. The trip will focus on the story certainly Eren story.

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Madden Mobile Reviews

If we are talking about one of the most exploited franchise in the gaming industry, hence the name Madden Mobile would not be separated from it. Positioned as an annual franchise, Activision FPS game is to make this one as the main foundation for building financial strength, which is evident from a fantastic sales figures annually. But not anymore big series intended for consoles and PC, Activision also began to try the same concept for the mobile market. The result? In addition to planning a Madden Mobile: Ghosts will slide next few months, Activision released Madden Mobile game : Strike Team first.

Not only focusing on the market consoles and PC, Madden Mobile: Strike Team become the latest weapon Activision to gain “gold” in the mobile market. Marketed for iOS-based devices, Madden Mobile: Strike Team itself was developed by The Blast Furnace, developer berasis in Leeds. Actually built as a separate entity, the Strike Team will make superpower conflict countries in 2020 as a base story. Besides carrying the FPS genre, you can also enter the tactical mode to set the other team members strategically. System level up, perk, armor, and various “item mall” will also be injected in it.

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EA: We’re Not More Than Microsoft Impartial Sony

If we are talking about one of the unique trends that surfaced in the competition next-gen how the giant publisher looks to have a “champion” respectively. The atmosphere seemed obvious not only from a variety of policies and cooperation are successfully retrieved, but also games mainstay introduced in a major event E3 and Gamescom classmates ago. Ubisoft is seen more often poured exclusive content for Sony, while Microsoft became the golden boy of EA. All indications are that look strong, but EA has denied this vehemently. They assured that they are in a neutral position, not to favor Microsoft than Sony you can visit here.

Gamers which will not be misunderstood? Microsoft has been working with EA to launch a bundle Xbox One – FIFA 14 in Europe. Not only that, some of their flagship franchise like Titanfall, Plant Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, and Peggie 2 will also touch Microsoft’s flagship platform first and become the exclusive series within the time limits have not been clear before sliding into the Playstation 4. Although all the evidence fore, Peter Moore from EA asserts that they are not central in favor of Microsoft’s side. Moore convinced that EA also formed a partnership that is no less closely with the Playstation 4, just have not been made public.

Moore assured that EA loves Playstation 4 and Xbox One in the same scale and wanted both platforms is a success. Successful platform would become the foundation for EA to continue to consistently put out of their flagship game. Talking about the bundle Xbox One – FIFA 14. Moore stated that this is just a strategy launched by Microsoft to attract more potential customers in Europe which has become a strong fan base FIFA. This step is necessary to keep up with the level of pre-order Playstation 4 increasingly craze.

If you see a lunge EA for this, with the potential franchise fertile enough to be used as a field of money, exclusivity is of course not a rational choice. Moore might argue that this is only a matter of time until the cooperation of EA and Playstation 4 spoken to the public, but we all certainly know the main reason behind the exposure “EA is Microsoft” is. It’s all about the money ..

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FIFA 17 Reviews

Goodbye FIFA 17, the message itself has been touted by EA since last year. Jumping from the root of both world wars and into the mainstream trend of modern warfare proved not the right formula to give birth again franchise this one. Warfighter into a gambling event of the latter, as well as a heritage monument last FIFA 17 out of the gaming industry until an undetermined time. The big question now is certainly to the fore. By relying on a rotation cycles franchise to compete with FIFA 17 coin generator, what games will accompany relied upon by EA for Battlefield in the future? EA was already preparing two primary weapons.

Frank Gibeau of EA optimistic that the quality offered by Battlefield 4 will be able to make it as the best FPS in 2013, beating the perennial competitor – FIFA 17: Ghsots. But how to fight in the future? Consistency FIFA 17 as an annual franchise certainly should ditantangan with another franchise that is no less strong, given the certainty of DICE who refused a similar concept to the Battlefield.

With the “death of” FIFA 17, EA will now rests on two names: Titanfall and Star Wars: Battlefront to rotate Battlefield release cycle. Titanfall itself will slide in 2014, while Star Wars: Battlefront will be launched in 2015. Does this latest rotation strategy will be able to compete with FIFA 17? We’ll wait.

Of all the games that will be a weapon EA – Battlefield, Titanfall, and Star Wars: Battlefront series, which is the most you anticipate? Or you are a gamer who wants a third chance to FIFA 17?

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FIFA 17 Continues to achieve success

Entertaining and addictive seems to be the part that is never separated from franchise mainstays Volition Inc. – FIFA 17. Having managed to look stunning in three previous series, FIFA 17 managed to position ourselves as one of the strongest contender GTA. He not only sells the freedom to act in the scheme of open world, but countless successfully formed a unique identity that is represented with so much craziness. The atmosphere is even more obvious with the presence of the latest series – FIFA 17 hacks . The concept can no longer even be rationalized with common sense. But who would have thought, the sale value as this turned out managed to gain a remarkable success.

In crowded with the best games of the giant publisher class Splinter Cell: Blacklist, XCOM Declassified, and Lost Planet 3, FIFA 17 managed to become the best in the UK market. Open world games this one as the best performing in the week of release. Not stopping at that, FIFA 17 has sold over 1 million copies in its first week of release, an achievement that certainly boasted by the publisher – Deep Silver. These sales tripled compared with the first week sales of FIFA 17 III. Clement Kundratitz – CEO of Koch Media, parent company of Deep Silver said that the decision to acquire Volition THQ become one of the best decisions they

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NBA Live Mobile For the Latest Gameplay Details!

No word backwards for Bioware, now or not at all, this is the only chance to restore the great name Bioware NBA Live Mobile to the proper place. The presence of the series premiere has become comparatively solid foundation, but unfortunately betrayed by the presence of the sequel series that injured almost all of the charm offered by this franchise as a whole. Penance is now rests with NBA Live Mobile: Inquisition, the sequel series that is intended for the next-gen market. After a teaser showing some obscure beginnings, Bioware finally opened more detail gameplay NBA Live Mobile games 2017: Inquisition in the event PAX Prime ongoing.

Not just a static image, Bioware finally reveal the dynamics of gameplay offered by NBA Live Mobile: Inquisition for the first time. Like the taste of both series, the Inquisition will also take a third-person perspective, which imaged the impression of hack and slash action games that ekntara. Not only adding destructible environment thanks to the support of the Frostbite Engine 3.0, it will also include Tactical and Tactical View Mode – two modes which certainly will further support the strategic gameplay style that was forgotten from NBA Live Mobile: Origins. Bioware has confirmed itself Qunari race as a playable race, beyond the three races that have been previously ascertained: Elf, Human, and Dwarf. Each character will bring the thrill and experience different gameplay.

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